Lighting Solutions

Amerlux® lighting solutions are suited for applications across a broad spectrum of industries and markets. We specialize in interior and exterior lighting needs for all of the following markets:     

Partner with Amerlux®, the company that wrote the book on supermarket lighting solutions.Our products transform high-profit centers and dramatize grocery aisles, creating an environment that helps you sell product. Learn more

Designers of business and industrial spaces look to Amerlux® for aesthetically pleasing, streamlined, energy efficient solutions. Our commercial systems are sophisticated and flexible, designed for today's aesthetics, requirements and specifications, including the latest new ceiling system styles. Learn more

National and global retail customers know that sales are driven by the senses, and people  buy with their eyes. Dramatic, focused, quality Amerlux® lighting helps to motivate customers and increase sales on both retail and showroom floors. Learn more

The hospitality industry is focused on customer comfort, satisfaction - even delight. Superior lighting products and services by Amerlux® inspire sophisticated, tailored hospitality spaces, and help contribute to unforgettable customer experiences. Learn more

Amerlux® provides educational institutions with premier interior and exterior lighting solutions. In addition, our SmartSite™ integrated, wireless systems offer intelligent lighting, security, way-finding, and communications to help benefit and protect any campus. Learn more

City and suburban governments are enthusiastically embracing Amerlux's® exterior SmartSite™ solutions. Our revolutionary SmartSite™ systems help protect, inform and entertain the public, and help generate revenue with unprecedented precision and style. Learn more

Utilities prefer Amerlux® because we truly understand the principles and values behind lighting energy efficiency, sustainability, cost savings, and ease of maintenance. We work hand in hand with utilities every day to benefit all energy-focused stakeholders. Learn more 

At Amerlux®, we understand that what's outside counts as much as what's inside, beginning with exterior solutions from facade to landscape lighting. In addition, our new ultra-sophisticated, wireless SmartSite™ systems bring our exterior offerings to a whole new level. Learn more