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Nitro® LED

Brilliance hangs in the balance.

The powerful pendant for large retail spaces.

The powerful pendant for large retail spaces.

The original Amerlux® Nitro was created with Big Box retail in mind. Designed to make stores visible from the open road, Nitro was crafted to make even the largest spaces glow with the warm look of "always open." 

With clean, architectural lines and textured styling, the Nitro line has been re-imagined as a high-powered LED luminaire, delivering the aesthetics and performance that cutting-edge retail and supermarket profit centers demand.

A great replacement for CMH or CFL applications, Nitro LED's 16" refractor surrounds the light source, reducing glare and providing a comfortable ambient light level. Precise optics are delivered in a variety of beam distributions, including flood, wide flood, or very wide flood.

Nitro can be paired with Amerlux downlights, accents, and tracks, bringing Big Box pendants to a whole new level.  

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