Amerlux® QuickShip

Order now. Get it fast!

Your business runs at a very fast pace. Project schedules are tight. Expectations are high. Quality is essential. Amerlux® QuickShip makes it possible not only to keep up with expectations, but to keep ahead of them. We help enhance your competitive edge,ensuring you can start installation more quickly than you thought possible. We can ship within 3-5 business days of your Amerlux® QuickShip order, depending upon the selection.  Amerlux® QuickShip fast-tracks some of our most coveted products and brands, including Hornet®, Cylindrix®, Evoke® and GRÜV® families. For more information on what products are available for this program click on the links to the left.

Amerlux® QuickShip Policy:

1. "QuickShip" must be clearly listed on PO.
2. QuickShip items must be on Separate Purchase Order.
3. QuickShip orders must be received with complete and correct catalog numbers.
4. Variant request will not qualify for Quick Ship program. 
5. Limited Order Quantity:

  • Track Heads: 50 pieces
  • Recessed Downlights: 25 pieces
  • Recessed Multiples: 25 pieces
  • Linear Systems: 25 pieces
  • Exterior: 25 pieces

6. QuickShip shipping lead times:

  • Track Heads: 3 days
  • Recessed Downlights: 5 days
  • Recessed Multiples: 5 days
  • Linear Systems: 5 days
  • Exterior: 5 days

All ship dates of 3 and 5 day lead times do not include weekends or holidays.

7. QuickShip orders must be received before 2pm.  After 2pm, shipping will be based on the following
    business day.
8. Quick Ship orders are based on standard Amerlux terms for payment.
9. Change order of any type will affect shipping times.
10. Partial shipments may be required based on current factory inventory.