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The future of supermarket shopping, right now.

Eickhoff Supermarkets used the latest in store design, lighting, technology, and efficiency in developing the new ShopRite®  at Wishing Well Plaza in Burlington, NJ. Creative use of lighting has changed how the supermarket's aisles are viewed and experienced by customers. Wishing Well's lighting transforms and redefines grocery shopping for a new generation, drawing customers in with amazing visual clarity, precision, and mood-setting. It's a giant leap forward into the future for Eickhoff Supermarkets and ShopRite brands.


Amerlux® Lighting Solutions

Contour track head systems make floral, produce, butcher shop, and end caps come alive – the perfect high-performance accent lighting. Cylindrix®  IV(C4) punches through ambient light for extra brilliance in produce and end cap areas. The compact, powerful Hornet® HP LED brings out the colors in seafood, while the Producer® brings linear magic to the bakery, butcher shop, and cash wrap areas. 


Cylindrix IV LED

Hornet HP LED


"Our spectacular new ShopRite,<br> lit right by Amerlux."

"Our spectacular new ShopRite,
lit right by Amerlux."

"Wishing Well Plaza ShopRite in Burlington County marks a new era for Eickhoff Supermarkets. We designed it with 'experiential engineering' in mind - a refined, yet revolutionary approach to in-store lighting, architecture and store design."

- Geoffrey Eickhoff,
VP Operations/Owner, Eickhoff Supermarkets
ShopRite of Burlington, NJ, in the Wishing Well Plaza

The backstory on Wishing Well ShopRite

The backstory on Wishing Well ShopRite

Wishing Well ShopRite represents a revolutionary approach to a mature-brand store, and has not only made waves within the ShopRite and Wakefern Foods families, but has also reverberated among our competitors. Right out of the gate, the new ShopRite has revived and transformed a dormant location. Also, in the spirit of community responsibility, the company transferred 100 employees from the old Willingboro location, and more than 200 new jobs have been filled.