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About Us

Lighting designed around you.  At Amerlux®, we’ll stop at nothing to help you realize your vision.
We work closely with you every step of the way, from design through construction,
to ensure total success—and total satisfaction.

We’re fueled by passion—a passion to consistently deliver in a fraction of the time of our competitors, even on short-run custom orders. A passion for making sure every order is accurate, every product performs flawlessly, and every one of our customers is successful.

We consistently deliver in a fraction of the time of our competitors, even on short-run custom orders. And we strive to make certain every order is accurate, every product performs flawlessly, and every customer receives accurate information and knowledgeable support throughout the entire process. Overall, we pride ourselves on helping our customers succeed. As an independent company, we're ideally positioned to do just that.

Vision Statement

Mission Statement

“To be the best and largest independently owned lighting company in the world.”
“To be the first choice in Specification Grade architectural lighting solutions based on our passionate, talented personnel and our commitment to deliver high performance, high quality lighting solutions on time, within budget.”

Power of One

With an extensive family of complementary fixtures – all using the same energy-efficient lamp – our revolutionary Power of One program offers everything you’re looking for in a retail lighting solution:

  • Performance: Carefully designed optics maximize the lighting system’s performance and deliver higher light levels to enhance the look and feel of a store.
  • Flexibility: A broad selection of high-performance luminaries (track, recessed, surface fixtures and pendants) offers a variety of effects including general lighting, flood lighting, spot lighting and wall washing.
  • Energy efficiency: All fixtures in the program use the same economical, energy-efficient lamp type. This yields significant energy savings and reduces HVAC costs.
  • Long life: All Power of One lamp options deliver significantly longer life than standard PAR MH or incandescent lamps, allowing retailers to extend re-lamping cycles.
  • Easy maintenance: With only one lamp type in use throughout the store, retailers can consolidate and minimize inventories as well as simplify maintenance, saving both time and money.


Amerlux® has taken a leadership role in driving the lighting industry from energy efficiency to energy sustainability.

From pioneering the use of metal halide in accent and display lighting in 1984, to our current groundbreaking innovation in LED technology, Amerlux has built a reputation for delivering eco-friendly, visually compelling solutions tailored to the unique demands of customers in myriad high-end markets.

Whether it’s a dramatically improved carbon footprint, tailored ceiling lines, greater visual comfort or streamlined inventory requirements, the benefits of Amerlux fixtures translate to virtually any environment, from commercial workspace and hospitality to retail and supermarket applications.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

At Amerlux®, our approach stems from long experience with LED technology, and a true partnership with our LED vendors. Our world class optical, electrical and thermal engineers work hand in hand with vendors to ensure the highest levels of LED innovation and performance. We work with vendors to provide precisely what our customers want, and assist them in developing appropriate technologies, so that Amerlux products are virtually made to our order.