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"Our clothes didn't change,
our lighting did."

-Ben Graham
Graham's Style Store

"We redesigned Graham's to entice a whole new generation. Gallery-quality lighting was at the top of my list, and I selected the Amerlux® Hornet® LED system. Our selling floors now pop with color! Subtle pinstripes, patterns, and textures come alive as if to say:
‘Try me! Buy me! Take me home!' And they do."
- Ben Graham, President, Graham's Style Store


Amerlux® has changed the way Graham's views light.

Since 1936, Graham's Style Store has been about creating a uniquely sophisticated customer experience. The current stewards of the Graham's brand were looking for an updated ambience that would both project the traditional quality, service, and workmanship for which Graham's is known, but also add a big dash of fun and sparkle appealing to new generations of customers – and both men and women.

Amerlux specialists studied and absorbed Graham's culture: its history, customers, successes, challenges, and future goals. We interviewed key stakeholders and did our homework, arriving at a lighting system that combines the power, aesthetics, crisp colors and streamlined good looks of our Hornet® HP Horizontal LED, and Hornet® HP LED.

The new lighting perspective made a huge difference on the selling floor. As Katie Graham phrased, “It’s the whole experience now ... Not just wearing a piece to that social event, but buying it will be part of that special experience, too. It’s going to be so much fun.”

That's the new Graham's. With a little help from Amerlux.

Amerlux Lighting Solutions

Hornet HP Horizontal LED - Finally, a high performing alternative for designers. The brand new Hornet HP LED replaces the 20W ceramic metal halide fixture you’ve grown to love. Small and compact, the Hornet HP delivers the power of the 20W CMH, but surpasses it with enhanced control, instant on, dimmability and long lifespan. The Hornet HP’s quality, energy efficient light source provides better maintained and more secure lumens, and consistent color rendering. Configured with vertical or horizontal ballast housing.

Graham's Style Store

Graham's Style Store

Graham's Style Store is a fourth generation family-owned clothier and
fashion retailer located in Dubuque, Iowa. A keen judge of style and
quality merchandise, founder Ed Graham began purveying fine men's
fashions in 1905, launching Ed Graham & Sons in 1936. Specializing in
the very best labels, materials, and service, Graham's evolved into an
iconic brand name, not just in Iowa, but as a fashion destination for the
entire Midwest.

Still family-owned and polished to perfection, today's Graham's Style Store
represents a downtown retailing legacy now attracting new generations of
men and women of taste. 

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