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Control Ready Luminaires

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Amerlux offers a variety of decorative post top luminaires that can incorporate an optional 7-PIN twist lock receptacle. This industry standard receptacle can be used to quickly and easily integrate a wireless control system into any project.
A wireless control system offers a variety of benefits over traditional on/off photocells including the remote management of individual luminaires. Amerlux Wireless by Synapse is a lighting control system that not only provide the basics functions such as ON, OFF and Dimming but also provides advanced control and scheduling functionality and can serve as the foundation of emerging IoT applications.
The SimplySNAP control system by Synapse bundles these capabilities in a reliable, simple-to-use interface that enhances energy efficiency, optimizes ROI, and complies with industry regulatory trends.Combining Amerlux's efficient Avista LED light engine with this powerful management resource, end users at all levels now have the ability to connect with, control and monitor their exterior lighting system with ease.

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