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Hornet® HP 3.5" Round Downlight Surface Canopy Remodeler

5 Year Warranty
Details Specs

The Hornet® HP Downlight Round Surface Canopy is a high performing alternative for designers. This surface canopy utilizes the Hornet® HP Downlight frame. The Hornet® LED module sits on the canopy plate with a single arm yoke, giving designers the aiming flexibility you have with a track head.  Small and compact, the Hornet® HP Downlight Surface Canopy delivers the power of the 20W CMH, but surpasses it with enhanced control, instant on, dimmability and long lifespan. The Hornet® HP’s quality, energy efficient light source provides better maintained and more secure lumens, and consistent color rendering. Remodeler version allows for install into existing ceilings.

  • 18 W max
  • 1369 lm
  • CBCP: 12,215