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Amerlux® Standard Plus

Get that custom feeling, right in the field.

A clean and easy Grüv® ceiling.<br/>A fraction of the time and cost.

A clean and easy Grüv® ceiling.
A fraction of the time and cost.

You're on-site, ready to hang a great new Grüv linear installation. Suddenly, you see the designer was off measure by a scoche, and you can't continue working until the blues are fixed.

Or, the designer was right, but the site was altered between approvals and installation. Or, the whole project is behind schedule and everyone's in a hurry – the perfect recipe for disaster.

Introducing Standard Plus, the new, field-customizable 6" bracket that makes Grüv 1.5 - 6" installations look made-to-measure, wall-to-wall.

Standard Plus fits most ceilings, and snaps right into place. It's so easy! No need to wait for new drawings or new fixtures, or incur extra cost with construction delays and custom ceiling work. Save up to 15% over custom made to measure, by using standard fixtures, standard pricing, standard delivery and a simple Standard Plus bracket.  

The result? Beautifully lit ceilings, with less time lost, more money saved, less aggravation, and perfectly tailored results.

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