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It's amazing what the right light can do.

Amerlux® lighting captivates and motivates, creating unique visual experiences 
for every environment. A global leader in lighting innovation and design, we understand
that the true power of light is not measured in lumens alone, but ultimately, in the human
responses it creates. Brilliant innovators in brand-new headquarters, we develop, 
manufacture, and deliver amazing lighting, anywhere in the world.

Let us change the way you view light.

Explore Our Solutions

  • Award Winning

    Murro® LED Wall Wash

    See your wall space in a different light.

    Small in size, high in output, Murro outperforms others time after time.

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  • Meet Our Newest Additions

    Rook 475

    Control and output, in balance.

    Introducing the Rook 475, a pendant that translates the control, performance and comfort of our downlights into a sophisticated new format.

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  • Meet Our Newest Additions


    Arcs and curves. The shape of light to come.

    With Stellina, Amerlux® takes your light source out of the traditional straight line format, and into an arched realm of new design possibilities.

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  • Meet Our Newest Additions


    A new sense of security in the garage.

    Chaperone turns lonely parking environments into safe, pedestrian-friendly venues with top visibility and new levels of safety.

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