AIA/CES Courses

Amerlux® has several AIA-Certified CES courses to offer, designed with you in mind. Courses can be conducted at your office, or at the Amerlux offices in Oakland, NJ. For more information or to schedule your AIApresentation, contact us now.

Courses offered:

Setting the Retail Stage: How Lighting Moves Merchandise
Objective: Learn how to leverage your lighting design to influence a customer’s mood, direct them to key merchandise and affect how they perceive a brand.

More Than Just A Flick of a Switch: An Introduction to Lighting Controls

Objective: Attendees will learn the important role lighting controls play in a well-executed lighting design as well as their basic functions and capabilities such as switching, dimming, CCTs and intensity control, dim-to-warm and color tuning. They will also learn the difference between manual and automatic input and also be introduced to the more commonly used systems for each, 0-10V, DALI, PoE and Bluetooth Mesh, in particular.The webinar will cover how modern-day LED lighting controls now have broad commercial and industrial application potential and offer a digital pathway to the IoT-enabled services that are now becoming major components of current and futuristic building automation systems.

How Lighting Can Affect Office Productivity
 This course will teach how office lighting can impact employee's health, mood, congnitive functions, and productivity.


Applications for Tunable White Lighting in Healthcare

Objective: This course will introduce and explain how tunable white lighting works, discuss possible health benefits healthcare settings can realize and introduce innovative healthcare applications for tunable white lighting.

How Tunable White Lighting Can Elevate Any Hospitality Space

Objective: This course will introduce and explain how tunable white lighting works, discuss possible health benefits travelers can realize (such as alleviating jetlag) and introduce innovative applications for tunable white lighting in hotels and airports.

LED Color Rendering: When, where and why to use full gamut LEDs vs. standard LEDs

Objective: This course will introduce and explain the differences between leading color quality scales and equip students with knowledge for specifying a variety of projects.

Delivering on the Promis of LED Technologies

Objective: The focus of the course is to provide the architectural community with information specific to the current LED technology and how it is used in interior lighting applications.

Length of Courses: 60 minutes

AIA/CES Credits: 1

HSW: Yes

If you would like to contact us about scheduling a seminar at your office or at the Amerlux® offices in Oakland, NJ, please click here or call our AIA Point-of-Contact, Bill Plageman at 973.882.5010 ext. 296.