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Life is a continuous learning process. So is lighting.

We promote ongoing professional development with an assortment of case studies and white papers, plus a groundbreaking education webinar series registered with the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System (AIA/CES) that casts attendees in their industry’s best light.

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High-tech advancements in LED technologies are quickly changing so much about how people work, play, shop and stay healthy.

It can be hard to keep up.

Our blog keeps pace with best practices by detailing the latest developments in lighting for commercial office space, health care, retail, hospitality, municipal, supermarket and other facility management applications.

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The global LED lighting technology sector is growing at a record-setting pace. We are too.
From product launches and company announcements to customer testimonials, in-depth white paper analysis and our monthly Energy Observer newsletters, we share how our superior customer service and state-of-the-art controls and lighting solutions are leading the industry in maximizing performance and energy efficiency.

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Innovation in lighting follows us wherever we go. Join us.

Here is a complete list of upcoming, must-attend trade shows, fairs, conferences and industry events we have on our calendar, plus details on where to find us and how to connect. 

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We have a long-time record of helping customers worldwide improve their quality of light and reduce their energy and operating costs.

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