Here, Being Shallow Looks Good


Having limited overhead space between the ceiling floor and the next structural layer is an all-too-common complication for lighting designs and installations.

Tight situations like these require the flexibility and aesthetic appeal only shallow recessed LED lighting solutions can provide.

Ideal for when the ceiling plenum is small⁠—or when bulky insulation, HVAC ductwork and a crowd of wiring is in the way—our shallow plenum recessed lighting delivers unsurpassed performance, high lumen delivery and consistent color at a fraction of the depth. 

We give architects and lighting designers the tools they to need install quality ambience in spaces they didn’t think was possible.


Downlights deliver a high punch of light for high ceilings and high ambient applications. Our innovative Hornet and Essenza product families delivers first-in-class light from shallow plenums and gives designers the ability to complete any décor scheme, no matter the physical space limitations. 

Linear systems

With its classic good looks, performance and flexibility, Grüv recessed linear lighting can be used to climb walls and cross ceilings. With its shallow plenum compatibility, it can go anywhere your design wants it to go.


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