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Be seen in the best light

At Amerlux, we create bold lighting solutions that add warmth and brilliance to the world. As a design-and-manufacture company we build long-term relationships with architects, facility managers and lighting designers by taking every complex problem personally. Our award-winning portfolio includes innovative interior and exterior lighting products that deliver striking aesthetics and rich performance through advanced engineering.

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  • Connecting All The Dots.

    Slots & Dots

    48V Track lighting system connecting all the dots for architects and lighting designers

    Slots and Dots is an easily configurable 48V track lighting system that creates visual ambience for hospitality and retail environments. Featuring surface, recessed or pendant mounting options, with magnetic lighting modules so light sources can be easily snapped in and out as needed.

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  • Turn Ceilings Into A Canvas

    Etch 2'x2'

    Architectural Decorative Luminaire Gives Designers Reason to Look Up

    The new Etch ceiling panels present a clean aesthetic with evenly lit, premium LEDs. This lighting solution delivers a sense of architectural style to an area.
    An optional opaque element gives a 3D appearance that brings depth, dimension, perspective, and visual interest to your designs. Add accent lights to the element to put light on task, even when the back panel is dimmed.

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  • Meet the New Linear Game Changer

    Quick-Line Linea® 1.5

    Quick-Line is designed for extremely easy installation and beautiful ambient lighting.

    Quick-Line is a game-changing linear LED fixture designed for extremely easy installation and beautiful ambient lighting for indoor commercial space applications, such as general and private offices, conference centers,
    classrooms, retail spaces and corridors.

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  • Meet the perfect accent.

    Passo® Step & Wall Luminaires

    Lighting the way forward.

    Versatile Passo luminaires enhance safety and aesthetics on stairs, paths, walls, and more.

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  • Meet a new member of the family.

    Pendant Multiples

    Let your vision take shape.

    Our new Pendant Multiples open up a world of design possibilities with curved and straight configurations.

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  • Meet the ideal blend of aesthetics and output.


    Light on target.

    The compact Speq family delivers brilliant optical performance, energy efficiency, and design flexibility.

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  • Meet the pendant that proves less really is more.

    Linea® 1.5" Mini Indirect

    A fine line.

    Ultra-slim Linea 1.5" Mini has clean, fine lines that float above in harmony with your design scenario.

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