Building The Offices Of Tomorrow... Today Amerlux provides some of the world's most elegant solutions for modern commercial spaces, office buildings, and institutional environments. We design top-tier performance-grade products to make offices work for everyone.

Light As The Foundation

We see light before we see anything else. As humans, we immediately interact with light on a subconscious level. The light sets the tone for the space. The light can say "we build great things here" or "we don’t care about the details because 'good enough' is good enough."  It all starts with the light. We treat lighting solutions as the foundation for a space and take it from there. The light sets the mood for the space and directs people where to go and encourages the desired behavior. Our engineers create products to enhance the comfort of a room and boost the space’s functionality.

ROI of Light

We understand light is more than mere illumination. It’s an investment. The right light translates visual performance into profitability.

With us, that profitability comes via many avenues.

That includes advanced systems that outperform conventional light sources by orders of magnitude, decreasing unnecessary operational disruptions and lessening energy usage and maintenance expenses.

And superior lighting controllability that increases the capabilities of your space and the productivity levels of those inside it, boosting your bottom line and the value of a space. 

We look at the whole picture—including government and utility rebates and incentives to reduce upfront costs—to provide clients with a prescriptive approach to customized lighting programs that ensures the highest and fastest ROI. 

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In the Spotlight

Our award-winning office lighting express timeless aesthetics and harmonize with all ceiling styles. Our flagship commercial lines include linear systems, downlights and pendants.