Easy on the Eyes


Glare can be uncomfortable, even painful—and it comes from more places than just natural sunlight.

It can come from interior lights too, straining eyes, causing headaches and disrupting workers’ concentration and productivity in the office and other commercial businesses.

We have changed that.

Amerlux’s innovative, people-first lighting solutions cater to the needs of workers inside these buildings by maximizing technological advances in electronics and optics to create a better-lit office and a commercial environment that motivates productivity.

Virtually eliminate glare

From manufacturing comfort lenses for downlights to recessing LED diodes deep within fixtures to evenly disburse indirect light, we virtually eliminate glare and make sure you never feel the need to look away.

Reduce flickering

Thanks to investing in the best quality LED drivers and dimming controls, like DALI and 0-10 volt dimming, we make increase visual comfort by eliminating unpleasant flicker that cheap drivers and outdated dimmers tend to cause.

Dim your light, however you like

Our Dim-to-Warm lighting solutions allow designers to add ambiance and simulate the familiar glow and dimming of incandescent lamps in an array of applications including hospitality, residential, institutional, retail or commercial. 

See colors in their best shade

Top-of-the-line color rendering doesn’t just illuminate colors well. It creates an emotion, sets a tone—and most of all, enhances visual acuity and makes objects look clearer and sharper, increasing overall comfort.


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