Making merchandise move

Add ambiance to any retail space. Amerlux Rook Pendant Dim-To-Warm option offers a lower kelvin temperature as you dim the lights.

Amerlux creates beautiful lighting to make your products sparkle. From the big box stores to exclusive boutiques, our top-tier performance grade products are meticulously designed to put the spotlight on your products. Because we understand retail success isn’t measured in lumens, but in sales.

Casting retail in the best light

“We redesigned Graham's to entice a whole new generation. Gallery-quality lighting was at the top of my list, and I selected the Amerlux Hornet LED system. Our selling floors now pop with color! Subtle pinstripes, patterns, and textures come alive as if to say: ‘Try me! Buy me! Take me home!’ And they do.”

- Ben Graham, President, Graham's Style Store 

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Putting the spotlight on your wares

The right light compels sales on retail floors and in showrooms. Customer behavior is driven by the senses, primarily the visual experience. Dramatic, focused, color-perfect Amerlux lighting helps motivate customers as never before.

In brick-and-mortar retail, quality lighting is critical to motivating shoppers to buy. Put simply, when merchandise looks good, people buy it. We treat light as the foundation for your store and take it from there. The light sets the mood for the space and guides customers to your high-margin items.

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