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Colors You See and Feel

Color Rendering

Look inside a crayon box, or the world around you. There are a lot of colors out there. Your lights should showcase them all.

Under natural light, with its picture-perfect color rendering capabilities, colors are vibrant. Textures come to life. Patterns impress. They wow.

Previously, artificial lighting sources struggled to shine. They couldn’t match the perfect color quality of the sun, which presents colors in their truest hue.

Not anymore.

Amerlux’s full gamut LEDs and industry-first 100 CRI LEDs make light more than just something you see. We make it something you feel, an emotion that moves you—emotionally, physically, even financially.

Class A LED is a chip that uses both GAI (saturation) and CRI (hue) to render color. GAI is a simple measure of hue saturation provided by the illumination, whereas CRI is a measure of hue consistency provided by the illumination with respect to reference sources. Sources of illumination that have high values of CRI (CRI≥80) and high (but not too high) values of GAI (80≤GAI≤100) have been shown in several human factors experiments to be predictive of user acceptance. See deeper color and texture on produce, floral, Ice, clothing and apparel.

Bring out your true colors

Amerlux’s best-in-class color rendering LED solutions are the tools you need to create a knockout visual experience.

Accentuate the deepest and crispest of colors with our best-in-class, high CRI-rated lighting solutions.

Make your vegetables look fresher, your meats redder, your wedding dresses whiter, your artwork more colorful. 

From high-end retail to architecture, to supermarkets to museums, let us steer eyes by arousing the kind of emotion only rich colors and the purest of whites can excite.

What is the Color Rendering Index?

CRI is the industry standard for measuring how accurately colors appear to the human eye, depending on the light source as compared to the sun, which has a CRI of 100.

The closer to 100 an artificial light scores on the 0-to-100-point scale, the better it illuminates the colors of an object just as the sunlight would.

We light up about rendering color.

Amerlux brings the eye-popping visualization of the sun inside with an assortment of solutions and fixtures that showcase colors truly and naturally, in a way that fits any design, style or application.

Color Rendering

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