Aerus Family

Cast workers under their most productive, award-winning light—without the squint.

The multiple award-winning Aerus pairs a high-tech appearance with an indirect/direct (75%/25%) lighting distribution that’s both efficient and comfortable. Leveraging low-voltage aircraft cable that supplies power to the fixture without a visual power feed, Aerus removes hot sports from the ceiling and yields wider spacing that delivers the IES standard for office lighting with minimal fixtures.

Aerus also mounts 12 inches below the ceiling, compared to standard mounting for indirect/direct pendants of 18 inches to 24 inches—without creating any hot spots. It delivers 35 foot-candles at 30 inches above finished floor.

While delivering even, soft illumination above and between fixtures, Aerus can be mounted up to 12 feet on center while providing the IES-recommended foot-candle on desk.


Aerus was made with people in mind. With indirect/direct illumination and state-of-the-art anidolic optics, the Aerus lighting solution creates an environment for more comfort and productivity in commercial and institutional settings.