Curvano Family

An architecturally styled linear with the performance of a specification-grade luminaire, Curvano gracefully integrates eye-sweeping form and function in any interior architectural design without delay.

Curved and straight segments join to configure sinuous patterns of light—circular, serpentine, arc, rounded rectangular and straight segments included.

Offered in a 2.5″ aperture in recessed and pendant mount as well as direct and direct/indirect. Five curved-diameter corner options and three circular selections are available in standard and custom request orders.

Architects and designers can create and order a layout on the same day, courtesy of a free-scaled model kit that’s one-twelfth the fixture size. No engineering drawings are needed to confirm the desired shape.

Prewired with quick connectors between the units and power feed kits, Curvano’s run alignment pins and preinstalled brackets make mounting and installing a snap. In addition, an end-cap light block shield prevents light leakage.


Amerlux’s latest LED linear product puts the “arch” in first-class architectural lighting with five curved diameter corner options of varying angles and three circular selections—all in standard and custom request orders.