SPEQ Track Heads Family

The Speq Series fixtures are built to last with replaceable LED drivers and LEDs, making them durable and sustainable choices for your lighting needs.

Designed to let the interior design take center stage and not the lighting, SPEQ track fixtures deliver brilliant optical performance, energy efficiency and design flexibility.

Available in small, medium, and large cylinder sizes, the compact ventless fixtures are ideal for adding architecturally clean accents to commercial, retail, and gallery environments.

SPEQ has an integral driver and no visible heat sink or venting. A matching snoot provides excellent glare control while maintaining clean lines and a space illuminated perfectly and efficiently.


SPEQ family of track heads balances clean, minimal aesthetic design with industry leading optical performance.


Bring attention, reveal rich textures and bring out the truest colors on wall mounted artwork and merchandise with the architecturally styled SPEQ Kicker Wall Wash.