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"This historic downtown now
shines with modern-day efficiency."

-Joel Lauth
Lighting Solutions of Illinois

"Morris' downtown lighting desperately needed updating for consistent performance
and efficiency. I helped the town retrofit 229 sodium fixtures with the 60W Amerlux®
Avista® LED light engine. The town's electric bills are now down by 50%, and Morris
won a $78,000 grant
- covering 57% of the project!"
- Joel Lauth, Lighting Solutions of Illinois


From a lumen wasteland to a lighting wonderland.

Morris, Illinois, is a legendary Chicagoland destination with a vibrant, historic downtown district. Filled with grand old Victorian homes, quaint shopping, dining, and businesses, the town's lighting evolved slowly and disjointedly during the 20th century. The result? A massively expensive, outdated patchwork of inefficient mix-and-match sodium lamps.

Amerlux helped Morris see itself in a whole new light, from initial assessments and planning through a detailed three-month performance test of our powerful 60W Avista LED light engine.  During the test, we were on call and on site to supervise and tweak the system. Avista passed the test with flying colors, and we successfully installed 229 light engines throughout the town.

The new lighting brings a whole new visual perspective to downtown Morris, and with it, new visitors and commerce.

That's the new Morris. With a little help from Amerlux.

Amerlux Lighting Solutions

Avista - an advanced LED light engine for retrofitting traditional and post top luminaires or for new construction. Unique with a completely sealed LED optical chamber, Avista offers cutting-edge optics and extraordinary output.

The Amerlux System for Morris

The Amerlux System for Morris

The Chicago Tribune has called Downtown Morris, Illinois, “Rockwellian” for its quaint, old-fashioned look and ambience. Located on the historic I&M Canal, Morris instantly transports visitors from our modern cookie-cutter retail culture to an original American downtown experience, filled with fascinating stores, restaurants, festivals, and spectacular landmark homes. Just 60 minutes from downtown Chicago, Morris offers the best of all worlds, with an experience that rivals those of the city.